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One-Two Punch


I had to big stories published this week.

First, over at The Weeklings, I discuss how I became the literary world’s big game hunter by tracking down some juicy details about Charles Portis, the reclusive author of “True Grit”. And I did it all by watching that iffy JD Salinger documentary.

Second, I wrote about the fake history of Pizza Rock for Salon.


2 thoughts on “One-Two Punch

  1. I loved your “confession” on Salon. I have written and published a trilogy, and then began a [successful] mystery series. I have published seven books on Amazon. I have fans. Readers write to me with suggestions for new mysteries. They beg for more novels though I can only manage two per year. Mystery fans are pushy and needy. My friends and family are proud and impressed. I’m invited to all sorts of receptions and parties. So far my royalties, beginning in 2005, have allowed me to purchase a new refrigerator and enough paint to paint the interior of my house. I did the painting myself. The royalties did not provide a professional painter. Yet, I’m oddly satisfied and will not stop. I do not have an expectation I will buy a matching stove anytime soon either. Fortunately, I have a pension and Social Security. Thank you for sharing our dirty little secret. I hope you don’t mind if I share it with my friends who wonder why I’m still living in a teeny tiny house and drive an older car.

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