Putnam County, OH Visits

Thank you to all six schools and one library that welcomed me.

We talked a lot about gorillas and a lot about what writers do.

A highlight for me was unveiling my new presentation, “How To Become a Fancy-Pants Author,” which includes embarrassing photos of me as a child and several of my failed spelling tests from elementary school!

(Double Thank you to Miller City Schools, who made me an amazing cake for my 39th birthday. No place I’d rather have spent the milestone!)


Bananas and Green Beans


Thanks, as always, to the amazing Green Bean books!

It was a great crowd of eager ape-lovers. We even tested out a new craft I invented where kids get to create their own banana-themed food, just like the book.

My contribution was a little something I call “banana cake”… and “banana spaghetti and meatballs.”