School Library Journal Loves Go Go Gorillas


A funny, exuberant rhyming bedtime story about what really goes on at the zoo at night. When kids visit the animals during the day, the gorillas are all lethargic. It turns out, they have been dancing all night. The zookeeper Jed tries to get them to go to sleep but eventually joins the dance party, too. The pictures have deep, vibrant colors and lots of action. The gorillas do lots of different kinds of dancing, such as the tango, the Charleston, reggae, funk, and even the robot. Some of the gorillas also act as disc jockeys and swing from the trees. The friendly gorillas look like they are having a great time. Kids will enjoy the rhymes in this funny, busy picture book, and the vibrant artwork adds to the fun.

VERDICT A rollicking read-aloud for storytime, but parents might want a quieter selection for ­bedtime.

–Debbie Tanner, S D Spady ­Montessori Elementary, FL

Gorilla Gloves

Actual conversation I had at a costume shop today: 


ME: “Hi, I need a pair of gorilla gloves.”

DUDE: “Oh, sh*t. We are all sold out of gorilla gloves.”

LADY: “Yeah. We won’t have gorilla in until June or July at the earliest.”

ME: “I didn’t realize there was a run on gorilla costumes.”

DUDE: “Yeah, sorry. We have ape and chimpanzee gloves though.”

LADY: “Nope. We are all out of chimpanzee, too.”

DUDE: “Sh*t…Well, the ape glove are pretty good. They have white flesh instead of black–

LADY: “We have werewolf gloves. Those are really good! I own a pair. They are very comfortable and the pads on the fingers…you can do anything with those gloves.”

ME: “Um, can I see the ape gloves?”

(DUDE goes to get them in back. Is gone for five minutes)

DUDE: “You want to try them on?”

ME: “Sure…Hey, these are pretty soft. But not what I need for this project.”

DUDE: “No problem. Sorry.”

LADY: “I’m telling you, werewolf gloves…”