Gorilla Gloves

Actual conversation I had at a costume shop today: 


ME: “Hi, I need a pair of gorilla gloves.”

DUDE: “Oh, sh*t. We are all sold out of gorilla gloves.”

LADY: “Yeah. We won’t have gorilla in until June or July at the earliest.”

ME: “I didn’t realize there was a run on gorilla costumes.”

DUDE: “Yeah, sorry. We have ape and chimpanzee gloves though.”

LADY: “Nope. We are all out of chimpanzee, too.”

DUDE: “Sh*t…Well, the ape glove are pretty good. They have white flesh instead of black–

LADY: “We have werewolf gloves. Those are really good! I own a pair. They are very comfortable and the pads on the fingers…you can do anything with those gloves.”

ME: “Um, can I see the ape gloves?”

(DUDE goes to get them in back. Is gone for five minutes)

DUDE: “You want to try them on?”

ME: “Sure…Hey, these are pretty soft. But not what I need for this project.”

DUDE: “No problem. Sorry.”

LADY: “I’m telling you, werewolf gloves…”

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